We are using the sport of surfing as a catalyst to expand the possibilities for those living with disabilities. We enjoy days out on the beach and in the water surfing with family and friends.

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About Us

We come from all backgrounds and professions. The things that connects us all are the love of the beach, surfing, and making a positive impact on our commuinity

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About Us

2020 Events

Hey y’all! We’ve had to make some updates to our event schedule due to COVID19. We decided that it was in the best interest to postpone our June event but we’re still planning on having our August and September Events. For more current info, please check us out on Facebook.

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2020 Events


1. To expand the possibilities for those with disabilities and mobility issues
2. Grow a community and network of adaptive surfers
3. Have a great time! I mean, we are at the beach.
4. Eat as many mangos as we can. 🙂

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Give us a shout! We always want to hear from those who want to surf or volunteer. Have a sponsorship idea or know how we can work together? Let us hear about it. Oh, and if you find some mangos, be sure to let us know.

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Atlantic Beach, NC